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Smart Solutions

Smart Cities & Smart Buildings Specialist

QIECO is region’s top quality solution provider in Energy Distribution, Lifestyle Automation and Energy Management helping make buildings greener and cities smarter. We represent some of the top end choicest niche manufacturers from all over the world mainly from Europe and USA who are involved in developing ‘state-of-art technology’ in the above field.


Background & Scope

* Established in 2005 and by seasoned technocrats with experience in the Middle East

* Backed by VTS Group having a decade of running successful operations in
. Healthcare technology equipment manufacturing in Germany
. Power sector & MEP solutions based in Qatar & UAE

* Solutions focused on high technology high growth segments
. Lifestyle Automation to offer convenience, comfort & security
. Energy management- efficiency & environment friendly
. Designer solutions with an emphasis on aesthetics
. Geographical Area – Middle East, Africa & Mediterranean
. Training, Technical support & reliable friendly approach